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Hey :3

2007-08-03 16:45:03 by TheGrumPig

I finally signed up an account. I have been browsing newgrounds for about 2-3 years now, but never signed up an account. Now i finally did and i love it even more. Good work Tom and the Crew

Keep up the good work :3

also i made my Userpage awesome lol


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2007-08-03 19:28:41

yer not alone i've been here since 03' this be meh first account.i just wanted to say your Tom Fulp songs kinda kewl.

TheGrumPig responds:

hey thanks, in the comments when i submit i will put "Costello i love you"

ok lol?


2007-08-04 11:54:01

Grumpig is a pokemon


2007-08-15 22:08:51

Happy Clock Day ~:P